Friday, March 07, 2008

Cross the street at your own risk, if you have $75 in your pocket.

You would think that the nation's capital would have bigger fish to fry than targeting jaywalkers in downtown Ottawa, but it appears the mayor of this fine city is doing just that - a jaywalking blitz.

Can you believe this...? We have homeless people, drug trafficking, pedophiles, and hookers on our streets in this city and the mayor is cracking down on jaywalkers of all people. I can just hear him when he came up with this grand idea: 'its time I teach those jaywalkers a lesson once and for all'. Right... because they are the real threats in this city!

It turns out if you are caught it will be quite a pricey lesson... to the tune of $75. I think everyone knows this is a just an easy way for the city to collect money off of generally law-aiding citizens... its just a money grab, and a scheme for the city mayor to try to keep his campaign promise of 'zero means zero' increase in taxes.

I could really care less what the mayor does as I am not considered a resident of Ottawa, but because I am a daily commuter to this city, I think this little jaywalking blitz is a bit much. I mean you are always going to run across a few pedestrians who don't think before they cross the street and probably piss-off a few drivers, etc. - but it all honesty most pedestrians abide by the walking lights, or at least cross when the way is clear.

I guess I am thankful that I am not working downtown anymore, or else I would probably have to cough up the $75 at least once, if not more times.

Have you ever been charged with jaywalking where you live? Do you think its a good idea for a city to go on a jaywalking blitz?