Friday, February 08, 2008

Tid-Bits Thursday (on Friday)!

Had good intentions of getting this up yesterday, but good side-tracked and didn't get to finish it until today!

But nonetheless, here is the third installment of Tid-Bits Thursday (on Friday this week)!

1. Check out DaniGirl over at Postcards from the Mothership - she is doing some LIVE labour blogging! Her water broke yesterday, she then proceeded to go out and shovel the driveway, etc - it's really entertaining - I think she is going to deliver today, so keep checking back to her place for pics of the 'Player to be named later' as she calls him!

2. We finally got our La-z-boy chair yesterday. As you may recall, the new chair was suppose to be delivered last Friday, but due to a host of mix-ups last week, the chair never came (after PC was confined to the house last Friday, all. day. long. - can you say NOT HAPPY). We fought with La-z-boy a bit, and after some backing and forthing, they did lower the price of the chair, and we got it yesterday. After work yesterday, PC was deep into an audit, so I took full advantage of the new arrival and managed to fall asleep in it while watching General Hospital. Although I wasn't totally for the La-z-boy, I actually don't think I will be doing any complaining about it. We might even have to get another one - his and hers!

3. I have a thing for drivers who don't turn their lights on in the daytime during a snow storm, fog, rain, or anything in the air that decreases visibility. I mean honest to god, how hard is it to turn on your lights when visibility is low? To me it's common sense, but I guess to others they figure they have nine lives and are invincible. The thing that really gets me is white cars - if you drive a white car in a snow storm, you sure as hell better have your lights on or the next thing your likely to see is the bright lights from the gates of heaven! C'mon people get with the program.

4. PC and I have given up booze for lent. Yes, even delinquent Catholics still follow the rules when it comes to lent. I don't think I will have a problem, but knowing PC, he sometimes forgets he has made this committment when I am not there to remind him! I guess we will see how it goes... only 38 days to go!

5. Still off the coffee.... whoooo - hoooo!

6. Last night I celebrated my birthday with my in-laws... it was a bit belated because we were down South, then my brother-in-law and sister-in-law were down South last week, so we've been hard press to find a good night for everyone, but last night was the night - and it was great!Mom C made her famous donairs, and we followed that up with Ice Cream cake, some fruit, and then gift opening. I got some really nice things for the house - so will definitely be putting them to use soon! Thanks for everything Coleman family.

7. Tonight, is the Rascal Flatts concert and I am soooooooooooo pumped. I love love LOVE Rascal Flatts - they have a new CD out, Still Feels Good, and I love so many of the songs on it. I think between these songs, and their old stuff, this concert won't disappoint. I hope to take some pics and video tonight, so stay tuned for the concert review to follow this weekend. Yee-haw!

8. This weekend's plans include THE CONCERT tonight, Baby Shower tomorrow afternoon, and then some time at home the rest of the weekend to clean, and maybe have a snooze or two in the La-z-boy!

What about you ... anything you would like to add to Tid-Bits Thursday (on Friday) - plans for the weekend? annoyances you've had this week? General b.s you'd like to share - please do!

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