Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pancake Tuesday

Check out this feast!
Tonight, PC and I celebrated Shrove Tuesday... (thanks to a reminder from a good friend). When I was in University, one of my roomies (Erin Boyd) led the breakfast-making supper fesitivities for 4 solid years - it was tradition at 130-O to have pancakes the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, but with my depature into the real world, I have not enjoyed pancakes for supper since then!

In all the years PC and I have been married (speaking as if its been decades!), we have never had breakfast for supper... this was first for us, and it was sooooooooo good, something we might have to do more often, rather than just on Shrove Tuesday!

Do you sometimes cook a big breakfast for supper .... ? Did you celebrate Shrove Tuesday with some pancakes tonight?

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