Monday, February 04, 2008

I hate my job equals bad customer service.

I am slowly getting sick of people who work at places like Subway, Tim Horton's, or the grocery store... who act like they hate their jobs, and display it so evidently while serving you.

Today I headed to the Subway in the Merivale Mall to grab a sub after finishing up a few quick errands. The lady serving me couldn't have been any more unpleasant. I have actually had her serve me before in the same manner. The first time, you wonder if she is just having a bad day - I mean everyone is entitled to one of those once and while, but now, after having been served 3 or 4 times by this same woman, I have come to realize she hates being a 'sandwich artist' and she doesn't give two hoots about whether the meat and vegetables you ask for, actually make it on the bun you choose.

Today... was no different. This woman is probably late 40s, and she looks as though she's had a bit of a rough life - I don't know this for certain, but the way she presents herself gave me plenty of ideas to work from. I understand that working at Subway probably wasn't at the top of her career aspirations, and no doubt she's only working there to pay the bills, but I have to wonder 'how is this my fault?'

Seriously... why is it that the customers always get the brunt of the bad service when the employee absolutely hates their job? If you hate your job so much, quit, and let somebody who actually wants to be there earning a pay check have the position - the world would be a far better place without somebody slapping on green tomatoes, and squirting way too much sub sauce my chicken, let me tell you!

Subway is not the only place I have noticed unhappy people serving the public. Tim Horton's is another establishment where you can discover unpleasant customer service, for no reason, other than the sheer fact that the employee hates their job. I mean, how hard is it put a few donuts in a box, and put some milk and sugar in a cup. Often times an unhappy employee will over flow your cup with coffee or milk, and then slap a lid on it while it spills out the sides, and then continue on providing shitty service to the next guy in line. I really can't stand this behaviour... as I said earlier 'is my fault this person doesn't like their job?'

Lately, I have added the grocery store as another place to discover poor customer service due unhappy employees. I have been bringing my own bags to the grocery store for over 5 months now, and while I realize it would be easier if one could just slap your groceries into the pre-hung plastic bags at the cash - this defeats the entire purpose of a reusable grocery bag.

However, the cashiers (who in my opinion have it pretty easy), seem to throw fresh veggies, meat, bread, and laundry detergent all in one bag, and then scatter the rest of your items among the remaining bags - sometimes only putting 2 or 3 items in one bag, in order to have to use the easier pre-hung plastic bags. And to top off the entire experience , this is all being done, while the young cashiers converse to one another about their evening plans 'like, I totally want to go to Dairy Queen for a blizzard, but like, it's soooooo cold out, like, I don't know if I will.'

Give me a break people.... what ever happen to good customer service? Mediocre to bad service is becoming the norm, or perhaps my standards are just to high for the type of society we are living in these days. I'm not sure anymore, but when I do experience good customer service, I am going to be writing to the company to let them know what a nice change it was to find a person who really enjoys their job and treats a customer like they appreciate their business!

What about you... have you received any bad customer service as of late? Do tell!

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