Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tid-Bits Thursday #4

Welcome to the fourth installement of Tid-Bits Thursday. This one will probably be a little short given that I am super tired, and just want to watch some Oprah and go to bed.

First and foremost....

1. Happy Valentine's Everyone. I tend to find this holiday very over-rated, but the nonetheless, I can't complain on a day that my husband prepares in advance. Most couples are spending a romantic night together, probably out for a nice dinner, etc. - but me, I am at home in front my computer all. by. myself. Yes, PC has hockey tonight, in Peterborough of all places... I am pretty sure he has had to ref on Valentine's Day for oooooooooh the last 6 years (the game assignor must assume if I haven't left him by now, I must be okay with it). Anyways... not to worry, I am perfectly okay with it... or maybe its that I am use to it, but PC did make last night Valentine's day, we made dinner, watched a funny movie, ate cookies and milk for a treat, and he got me a nice card, and gift certificate to WINNERS (yee-haw). He always seems to do well on this little day... perhaps because he knows when he accepts a hockey game on this day, he has to work extra hard! Oh well... he has avoided disaster for yet another year!

2. SNOW... SNOW... SNOW... GO AWAY. We got 10 cms on Tuesday night, and now it's snowing again... for the love of god, make it stop.

3. I am changing teams at work, in officially two weeks... still working in the same spot, but will be joining a new team, to take on some different communication's challenges within the Agency. I am super excited, and can't wait to start.

4. I can hardly believe it's mid-February already... a month ago PC and I were in sunny Dominican living the high life, it's hard to believe it was that long ago... my tan is definitely wearing off, but the memories of the ocean crashing into the beach are still thoughts that cross my mind every. single. day.

5. I have been lagging on making my lunch since ooooh, I returned from Dominican. I need to get back into a routine for grocery buying, eating at home in the evenings, and preparing my lunch the night before. I hate when things get out whack like this, because it takes no motivation at all to stay off track, but so much effort to get myself back on the wagon. I am hoping this weekend I can do a good grocery shop, plan out some decent meals for the week, and then slot in making my lunch around that -we'll see. Anyone have any good menu items they want to suggest for lunches?

6. Tomorrow, I am going for lunch with Chez Roz, an old friend from University, we haven't chatted or visited in a while, so since we are working in closer proximity than in the past we are meeting for lunch tomorrow at Mexi Cala Rosa's. I love eating out on Fridays, it something to look forward to, and puts a rather nice ending on the work week.

That's it, that's all for this installement of Tid-Bits Thursday. Hope everyone enjoyed their V-Day... what did you do? anything exciting? Please, let me live vicariously through you... share the details!

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