Friday, December 14, 2007

Seasonally Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesed

Okay... did Christmas suddenly creep up this year or what?

I know, I've had 300 and some odd days notice that it was happening this year, but I can't seem to get myself in gear, and frankly seeing that it's Dec. 14th today has me FREAKING OUT.

PC and I decided to not exchange formal gifts this year... we are going on a nice hot vacation in January which translates into more than enough from Old Saint Nick. I thought because we had firmly decided not to do our swap that I was already half-way off the hook. Apparently I kicked up my heels a little too early in the process, because I still have 15 or so peeps to buy gifts for.

I have actually made rapid process since Monday morning when I discovered just how long my shopping list really is. I have purchased a few gifts over a few shopping excursions on my lunches. So now I am down to about 10 or so things I still need to get. The problem for me is that I can NEVER fully cross people off my list, they linger on the list, because I still have to get one or two small items to go with their larger gift. I hate that.

The other problem that is creating stress for me is the fact that we are travelling North this year to spend Christmas with my family - which means, I literally have to ready for the big event, a week ahead of schedule. As you folks may know from reading this blog, I am not a pro-active person (despite my profession as a proactive strategic planner), I am just the opposite - a PRO. CRAS. TIN. AT. OR.

My goal going into the weekend is to finish-off my in-laws (not literally - WOW, did I say that out loud!). If I can get PC's peeps done and wrapped, we can deliver the gifts to his parents this Sunday as were heading to their place for Sunday night supper. This would be a HUGE accomplishment by way of de-stressing for the holidays.

Then next week, all I have to worry about is my side of the family and of course packing and ensuring we have everything ready for the great voyage North.

The is shaping up to be a big weekend for me - lots on the to-do list, lots of accomplishments that must be made or I might just blow at some point next week.

Yes, people the countdown is on, and as the clocks ticks more rapidly each day, I hope that this isn't the year I lose my marbles in a public setting over this damn holiday we so often refer to as 'the season of giving'.