Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Large double double... Charge it!

I am somewhat shocked to see that Tim Horton's is now accepting MasterCard. They have gone right over debit and straight onto the ol' charge card. I have been lobbying for this change for almost a decade, and yet now that it's here, I don't think I will be using it.

The way it works is... if you make a purchase under $10 (which many of us do), you don't have to sign your signature, you can have your MasterCard's swiped or your pay pass scanned and stroll out with your double double, no questions asked! It's quicker than counting out your change, or waiting for the cashier to figure out the correct change. The idea is good... but I have two problems:

1. I don't have a MasterCard. I am a VISA girl, TD VISA to be exact. I use to have a MasterCard, but then canned it, as I thought who needs two charge cards... I like all my debt to be in one place, like an anchor... dragging along behind me to every. single. store. I visit.

2. I have stopped frequenting Tim Horton's on a daily basis.

(***GASP! A silence falls over the crowd***)

I know, I know... you can hardly believe this... but it's the honest truth. Since PC has been working back in the office, he is on a coffee kick. I always hated brewing a pot of coffee just for myself, but since he will take a cup now, it seems worth the effort to make coffee every morning. Although we brew Tim Horton's coffee at home, it's not the same as visiting an actual Tim Horton's, but making coffee at home has decreased the number of visits I make to Tim's in a week.

If this MasterCard pay pass business had been introduced when I was making daily trips to Tim's, back in the horrendous days of my French training, I think I would have ran naked down Rideau street over the whole thing. I can remember various occasions when I was short on change, and was desperate to scrounge up enough dimes and nickels to get my large coffee, half hot chocolate. I would literally consider asking for a quarter from a stranger, if it meant the difference between having a coffee in hand to go to French class, or walking in empty handed, on time, and grumpy! The pay pass would be the answer to all my prayers... but somehow, I am through that phase of my life.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see that Tim Horton's has evolved from it's CASH ONLY means of payment... but this change is long over due, and frankly I am little perturbed that it's taken this long to get beyond the borders of a single payment form.

Has anyone used their MasterCard at Tim Horton's? Are you happy to see that Tim's accepts a charge card for coffee and donuts?