Monday, June 18, 2007

Show me the money

It was a winning weekend for all parties involved as we headed to the Rideau Carelton Raceway (RCR) on Friday night for dinner and some horse racing.

PC showed up late due to a scheduled golf tourney, however this didn't slow down his winning ability, as he picked up just over 90 bones about 5 minutes through the door. Julien Benoit came close a few times before picking up 250 clams, leaving Darcy Wall at the bottom of the winning list with only 2 twenties and a lonely 5 dollar bill to his name.

Before the Final Race

(Note: the face on the middle man, Officer Wall, not a happy camper!)

However there was one race to be held, and the boys went all out.... dropping some heavy coin on the final round. The women were skeptical, yet nervous, as they saw their life savings on the line... but as luck would have it, the boys picked three horses to finish in the top three, and when the dust settled, their horses crossed the finish line in the top three spots. The crowd guys erupted as if they had just one Stanley Cup (while the rest of the restaurant starred in disgust), as they each picked up 150 bucks and some change.

After the Final Race

(Note: You will notice a slight improvement on the face of Officer Wall)

It was a profitable evening for all involved, although I think Officer Wall's wife (Natalie) was the person who benefited the MOST from this experience (as... no one wants to experience Darcy on a losing streak)!!

It was a great way to start the weekend... as it's not that often that we leave RCR with our pockets full of cash.

GTs.... it's all about the GTs!