Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stag n' doe Weekend!

Time is of the essence here, so this post will be short, but with photos to keep everyone happy!

PC and I spent the past weekend in Grimsby... with the entire 130-O crew, participating in one of the funnest stag n' doe's in the history of stag n' doe going.
There were games, drinks, jello shooters, good eats, and a whole lot of drunken fun.

The design team, Erin L. Boyd, created one-of-a-kind team shirts for the member's of the work crew. Team Smith in hot pink, Team Burchill in lime green. We worked the games all night, raking in the cash for Krista & Kelly to the tune of over 4K - yeah baby!
There was black jack, crown n' anchor, mini monster truck rallies, live gold fish races, and even a kissing booth (don't ask, but if you know Mat Rogerson - you don't need to know much more!).

As well, at any time in the night you could pay to put someone in the penalty box (which was my home base for the entire evening)... being in the box, meant: NO DRINKING, NO TALKING, NO FUN! But, it was fun, especially when the Krista's parents ended up in their together for 10 minutes, to which her dad (Jim) paid to get himself out, while keeping his wife (Judy) in the box for an additional 5 minutes, all in the name of family!

Everyone had a good time... there were prizes galore, and even a few crew members went home with some lovely partying gifts in tow!

The Smith family put up with us us up for the entire weekend and were great hosts. They even said 'come back anytime', but I am sure they are hoping we won't all take them up on their offer at the same time - like say... the night of the wedding!

Anyways... it was a fan.taaaaaaaaaaaastic weekend, which once again reinforces what it means to have a great group of friends!

Now... without further ado, the photos:

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