Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Face it... I've forgotten people!

So... late last week I joined the ranks of a site (actually a network) called Facebook. I was lured in by a friend (who I met in university) that sent me an invitation to join the party. Normally, I wouldn't do this, but in this case I had heard bits and pieces about the site, so I took the bait, signed up, and since then have become completely addicted to this little network of people.

The way the site work is that you create a profile (I know I know... all the anti-internet information sharing folks out there are shakking their heads right now... but just bare with me). So... you create a profile: name, education details, current employer... etc, and then through the search function, or other friends in your network you can search for people that you know.

Once you discover someone, you can invite them to be added to your friend list, then you can see their profile, photos of them, and just basically get the low down on their life. But the addictive part comes when you find someone new, they usually have a network of their own, and you can see their friends... and then their friends have a network of friends, and the friends of the friends of the other friends have friends... it becomes a mad cycle that will have you browsing profiles into the wee hours of the morning, if you're me!

I have been truly fascinated by this little site... I mean seriously... every free moment I have I am just browsing through lists and lists of people. Its actually become a great way to keep in touch with people.

However, what I have come to discover is that although I think I have a great memory... I have clearly forgotten oodles of people who I went to school with: elementary, secondary, and university! Its ridiculous... I mean, some people I really forgot existed (and I mean that in the most sincere way possible). But in all seriousness... I haven't thought about some of these people for ages... so just to see a pic of them or read a little blurb on their life brings a smile to my face. Afterall I like to think I am person who likes to keep in touch with people.

Take for instance my very first friend ever... Dana Louise Seabrook. We played together in the playpen back in the early 80s, we reunited at another friend's wedding back in 2004... but haven't seen each other since. Somehow I discovered an email address for her... she joined facebook, and VOLIA.... we are chatting again... she is engaged... and its looks as though life is going really well for her. She inturn was able to catch up on my life... and now it feels like we never lost touch.

CRAZY, I tell you... down right crazy.

I am surprised I even have time to blog lately with all the commotion over on Facebook... (but don't worry faithful readers... you were here first, I could never deprive you for too long)!

If your bored, and looking for something interesting... join facebook, and you will definitely see what I am talking about... but if you get addicted like I am, don't forget to come back and see me every once and a while!

Facebook me!