Saturday, January 13, 2007

My First Sushi Experience

Yesterday, a former colleague of mine (my hero when it comes to French training) took me out for lunch to celebrate my upcoming b-day. We frequently go for lunch... so I can bitch about French and she can recall all the bumps in the road she had before acheiving her C levels in French (which I may also mention to commemorate the occasion of passing she put the Quebec fleur-de-lis... where it belongs (behind her)!!).

At any rate... she had the idea to take me for Sushi... and since I was a Sushi virigin, I was all for this, as I have always want to try it, but never really knew what I would like, or what I should order. I thought it would be a great experience to go with a Sushi specialist for the first time.

So... off we went... to a little place on Bank & Slater... and within in 5 minutes we had our so-called orders!

This wasn't the identical platter, but it came out something like this. We grabbed the necessary chopsticks (usually not so good with the chopsticks), and then selected a small table near the window.

She carefully explained what everything was... and how to go about digesting the stuff.

I was literally fascinated. For one... the food looks so darn beautiful that you really don't want to do a thing to it, but just look at it. However, I watched in amazement as she dipped a piece in some wasabi & soy sauce, and flung the entire piece into her mouth and swallowed (with a bit of chewing of course!). All this was happening while people on Bank street are standing on the street corner, carefully watching you chew with your mouth full... perfect!!!

Now it was my turn... suprisingly the chopsticks were a breeze to handle... the sushi is so thick that it was rather easy to man-handle with these weapons... and the texture was pretty good. My worries about Sushi in the past were always that the texture would make it non-edible for me, but this was not the case at all. If you can handle the texture of some sticky rice... the rest is a breeze.

My combo was shirmp & saamon mostly... and while I absolutely loved the shirmp pieces, the larger pieces of saamon weren't doing it for me. A little too squishy for me, but one or two pieces wasn't bad at all. It was all very tasty and filling... I was stuffed by the end, and that was one thing I didn't expect!

All in all, the experience was amazing. Last night I was craving another platter of it, and was trying to convince PC that he needs to try it, but I think we are along way off from that! He will always be a meat & potatoes guy, and the fact that I brought home Thai food on Wednesday was probably pushing it for him in the new foods department, so perhaps I will have to hold off on the Sushi experience in this house for a while!!

However... I will be going back soon, it was a great experience, and a few more visits to that little place on Bank street, and I know I am going to be hooked!!!

Has anyone else had a good/bad sushi experience.... ? Please share!