Sunday, January 14, 2007

The BIG 2-7!

Yes... it's finally arrived... the day of my 27th birthday... its here and its almost over!!!

A rather relaxing day.... that I spent studying for my (insert swear words here) french test coming up on Tuesday morning. Nothing to ruin a birthday like a damn french exam looming over your head... but my husband did spoil me with gifts to try to take my mind off of it (so that was the upside of this french thing... the pity factor)!

The day was filled with numerous phone calls (thanks to everyone who racked up a few minutes on their phone bill... it really meant a lot, and of course to all my local peeps too... I loved hearing from everyone.... one long lost caller from Australia... and even a couple suprising messages from a few old friends in back Northern Ontario)!

This evening, the in-laws came over and brought my favourite... DONAIRS!! My MIL makes the best donair meat in Eastern Canada, and the creamy garlic sauces tastes even better the third and fourth time you burp it up after dinner. It was a real treat... I loved every bite.

Of course there was the ceremonial birthday cake... and the presents.... ooooh how I love thee presents!
My family sent my birthday gifts back with me at Christmas... but I was patient enough to hold off on the unveiling until this evening!

I loved everything....!

I am kind of looking forward to everything that 27 has to offer me. I hope that is its a helluva lot better than 26... I was ready to kiss 26 goodbye 6 months ago... but was patient enough to wait until today.

I no there are no guarantees in life, but I am guaranting that at the tender age of 27, I will try to relax a little more, take life one day at a time, and for the most part just enjoy being in my LATE TWENTIES (let the record show that when I hear 27 outloud, I start to freak out a little..... it has just started to sink in that I am one step closer to being considered OLD).

The task at hand now is to devise a 3 year plan of all the things I said I have wanted to accomplish before I turn 30.... which if I do the short math correctly, its a mere 3 years away... time to get crackin... any ideas??