Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Faith Hill... where are your manners?

If you missed the 40th CMA Awards last night, you have to check out this video posted by ekuAnthony on You Tube (see below).

It appears that Faith Hill was either expecting to win the CMA for Female Vocalist of the Year, or at the very least she wasn't expecting Carrie Underwood to take home the award.

The camera catches a little freak out from Faith just after they annouce Carrie Underwood as the winner. Watch the left hand side of the screen, Faith is in the middle!

This clip should definitely be considered for a PRICELESS commercial... Faith clearly has some explaining to do!

She will probably has some lame excuse for how she acted, but in my opinion the camera doesn't lie! Maybe Faith is feeling a little insulted that Carrie Underwood won both the Horizon Award & the Female Vocalist of the Year - something Faith can't claim she's done!

I am no expert, but I would say Faith definitely has her panties in a knot over this one!

See for yourself.