Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday full of accomplishments!

This post is gonna be a short one because its Monday evening and I am exhausted, however, I feel I had three big accomplishments today:

1. I arrived at school before 8:30 am. Before... as in ahead of time, EARLY. I am never early!

2. Made a good meal. Chicken, potatoes, corn, garden salad. All the important food groups were included and its was on the table at a somewhat decent hour! Very RARE in our household.

3. Got up the courage to take a second stab at the Easy Banana Bread recipe. Took time to carefully read the recipe and added all ingredients in correct measurements. At 10 pm this evening PC and I were eating our dessert while taking in CSI and the CMA Awards.

So... not bad for a Monday, if I do say so myself.

In weekend wrap up news, curling was a so-so affair. We lost a good game to Team Hanna Saturday evening which eliminated us from the event. It was one of those games where you didn't feel too bad about losing because it was close and well played by our team!

My parents enjoyed spectating the curling, and Sunday we were able to relax, do some shopping and have a nice dinner out at Red Lobster! Good times with the family, but they left this morning to head back to Thessalon :-(

That about taps out my posting abilities this evening... super tired right now!!

A demain!