Friday, October 27, 2006

Wide Open Spaces

Tonight's the night... The Dixie Chicks are in town and I am going!

I have been looking forward to this evening for a really long time, and its finally arrived! Clapper, Boyder and I are off to see the Chicks tonight at ScotiaBank Place and I know its going to be a great time! We wanted to find three identical cowgirl hats for the occasion, but didn't manage to get out and shop a lot before hand, so we are just going to have to be loud and rowdy if we want to get noticed tonight!!!

I will hopefully get some pics up on here for you tomorrow (if I can remember to bring my camera)!!

The majority of the Dixie Chick's songs are good for me right now, the words can really describe my frustrations with French - Not Ready to Make Nice, Takin the Long Way, Ready to Run, So Hard, Cowboy Take Me Away, Wide Open Spaces... and many more!

This week has kinda been crazy... my complaints about French training have finally come to a head, and short of me having a nervous breakdown in some lady's office yesterday, I think some changes are going to be made, so I am feeling a lot better about my situation today.

The beat goes on...!