Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

So... 32 years ago aujourd'hui... my parents exchanged wedding vows.

My Father promised to love, honour, cherish, and chauffeur my Mom around town, all the days of his life, while my Mother vowed to be with my father in good times and in bad, through sickness and in health, through nights of snoring and afternoons of leaving his milk glass by the chair, and his dirty laundry on the floor.

Okay... so perhaps those weren't the exact vows, but I am pretty sure it was something like that.

The old couple has been off camping this past week, celebrating 32 years of marriage. Here's for hoping that Timbo remember it was his anniversary today, or the forecast may be extra cold this evening in the trailer!!!

At any rate... Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
We love you!