Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wife Duty #113: Deal or No Deal?

Last week, PC lets me in on a little dream of his: he wants to own a Caddy. In today's world, that would be the CTS Cadillac.

I didn't think too much about the request, until last Friday when he tells me that he stopped in at car dealership where he saw a used Caddy and he wanted to see how much it was, etc. Turns out it wasn't really in his price range, but he told the salesman to keep him in mind if 'a good deal' came up on one similar to it.

Saturday, he gets a call from the same salesman, telling him he has found 'a really good deal'. Now if you know PC, he can't really turned down a good deal... so he agrees to go and check out the car on Monday. Last night he returns home from work in this:

He agreed to take it home and discuss it with his wife - ME. This is where my rant begins today... why is that the WIFE always has to be the deal maker or breaker. I am happy that I have husband who at least consults me before making a major purchase with our money... but if he has to return the car to salesman, and no deal is made, it will automatic be chalked upto 'my WIFE said NO DEAL'!

Great... my decision not only weighs on me, but on the reputation of wives in general.

We spent last night touring around the bright lights of Embrun in 'The Caddy', I got to drive it, and I can't deny that it felt pretty damn nice - what a sweet ride, but in all honesty... its hard to think that we could actually be the owners of this car, as it seems like too much of a luxury car for a young married couple.

The other factor I am having a hard time coping with is that fact that if my Grandma and Grandpa Bellerose were still alive today, the would have definitely owned this car - they were luxury car drivers in their 60s, so being 26 I can hardly believe that I can own something my grandparents would love.

We spent the remainder of last night crunching numbers. Obviously, the price was not right to start off with... and some things will have to be negotiated... and by negotiated I mean, PC has A LOT of work to do (but if anyone can get a GOOD DEAL out a salesman, PC is the man!).

Things are up in the air... I am trying to sell the point to PC that maybe were not ready for such a luxury car at this point in our lives... and that perhaps in 5 years we would be more suited for a Caddy. But I am pretty sure the boy has a dream and he's going after it, so we will see how this one turns out!

Stay tuned!