Thursday, October 19, 2006

STRIKE ONE & Birthdays

So... doom day came today with the not so-suprising results that although I can parlez en fran├žais... I apparently can't do it at the intermediate level that the government deems necessary.

I chalk it up to: STRIKE ONE.

I didn't have a whole whack of confidence going in, but I didn't think the interview went horrible either ... however... it was just a stepping stone, one that I didn't step too far on, but it was an experience, and the next time (and the next time and the next time) I will know what to expect!

In other news... today my MOTHER celebrates her XX birthday. To be honest she falls into the 50-something category... and we will just leave it at that!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM... hope this year treats you well!!! See you in a few weeks!

As well, on the birthday scene... Lesle LuLu Cafferty (my lovely curling skip) is also celebrating a b-day today... she is in the 30-something category... and again, we will leave it at that!!! We are curling tonight and rumour has it she might break out the birthday suit for the final end of the game: trust me... I will have pictures tomorrow if it happens!!