Monday, October 23, 2006

There's a storm brewing...

Here is the view from the upstairs window of our house.

I could have taken this picture on any day during the last 3 weeks, and it would have turned out exactly like this one.

This photo basically describes the bitchy and depressive mood I have been in for the last few weeks.

French is probably the worst it has been since I started. 10 months in and I feel like I haven't accomplished too much, nor do I feel like anyone at the my training instution gives a damn whether I succeed or not. What happen to the Miss Kirby's (my grade 5 school teacher) of the world, when teachers were generally concerned about helping their students succeed in the world - even Madame Ritchie (my public school French teacher) would have given it her all to make sure I at least felt like I was accomplishing something.

Every day I roll into school I feel exactly like this picture.... you can see a storm brewing, but you are just wondering when its going to hit and what its going to destroy!!

Not sure if the weather network will actually cover the events of my storm, but not to worry, I will keep you updated if I do actually destroy something!