Sunday, October 15, 2006

Young Drivers + Cell Phones = TROUBLE

I was pleased to hear that an MPP from Oakville is hoping to pass a new legislation that will ban young drivers from using cell phones (and other electronics) while behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle (see story here).

I personally think this legislation is a good move by the government, as young drivers have enough on their minds when learning how to drive, without having to worry about multi-tasking with their electronics.

Heck... why stop at young drivers... lets include all drivers. I myself know I am a hazard to other drivers on the road when my cellphone rings while driving. I am all over the road when I have to reach into my cluttered purse, searching for the vibrating object that is always located in the last corner I paw at.

Then once I located the damn thing, I have missed the call, have to check to see who called, re-dial the damn number, while all the time reducing my speed for 130 km/h to 80 km/h. Then as I reach the person I am calling, I regain my original speed, and wonder why people are giving me the finger (and trust me, if you do this to me, I am giving you the finger too).

I know... some of you are thinking: god damn women drivers, but let's not forget you businessmen trying to type a short response on your blackberry while on a major highway. All genders of drivers are up for debate here!

But back to the fact that this new legislation concentrates solely on young drivers. When I was learning how to drive, the last thing I needed to be doing was dialing up someone on the phone to chat while I tried to take the S-curves between Bruce Mines and Desbarats (those of you from Northern Ontario will know what I mean). This legislation will go a long way to help the province produce better young drivers, and I personally think we will see a reduction in accidents that involve minors.

The bottom line for me is kudos to the MPP who came up with this idea, and lets hope Dalton and his friends can get it together long enough to get this bill passed!