Sunday, October 22, 2006

Exhausting Weekend

No matter how much I love the game of curling, it can be exhausting sometimes.

This weekend we played in the Arnprior Cash Spiel ... and although we were playing today at 12:30, we didn't manage to get into the money! A little disappointing, but to some degree that's curling - highs and lows!

The weekends that I spend away from home, I always feel behind when Monday comes around. Usually my weekends are spent cleaning the house and do some organizing and odd jobs around home. Its Sunday night and I can barely get up enough energy to wipe off the counter... let alone think about actual cleaning.

Tomorrow I know when the alarm goes off it will be a battle to start the week, but hopefully this week will be low key and I can get to bed early a few nights and actually get back some of my positive energy (because lord knows I've been feeling a little negative lately!).

Positive engery doesn't exactly make for very interesting posts, but hopefully I can come up with something half decent for you, for the rest of the week!