Thursday, October 05, 2006

Over the counter meds for FEDS!

Let me start this post by saying that I am very grateful to have a medical/dental plan through my workplace benefits. The coverage is awesome... BUT (and as my friend Erin reminded me Tuesday... Dr. Phil's theory on the word BUT is to forget everything I just said before the word BUT, and focus on what I am saying after it!) BUT... this week PC has been sick... not a drag me to the emergency on my death bed type of sick, but the I want my Mom, some chicken soup, and to stay in bed all day type of cold/flu - not to mention, hacking up some pretty disgusting shit through the course of the night.

I have managed to avoid contracting this flu bug (but I imagine in time I will come down with the aftermath cold, as a result of being married to the source of the cold... but that is not really important to this post), BUT... what I have not managed to avoid is spending $150 dollars on over the counter meds to remedy this cold!

I know you may be thinking what could I have possibly bought that cost $150, so I would like to tell you... that it wasn't much at all.

It turns out that every cold remedy medicine we had in the cabinet was practically empty. One Advil cold & sinus pill, and a 1/4 of a jar of Vicks Vapour Rub wasn't going to do much... so I headed to local Jean Coutu, and loaded up on Tylenol NyQuil, Fisherman's Friend, some cough strips that the pharamacy lady recommended, Tylenol Cough tablets, and some other cough drops. $60 worth of meds. I left there thinking: this will sooooooooooo do the trick.

I get home and PC took pretty much one of everything through out the course of the day... but as we headed to bed he informed me that everything I brought home, didn't really work for him, so the next day, I headed to Shopper's and got a big-ass bottle of Advil Cold & Sinus (why I didn't go with my gut instinct on the first pharmacy purchase, I will never know!). I also purchased the NEW gel caps package of Advil Cold & Sinus as the pharmacist told me they would work better for men. $40 dollars later I was home again, and PC was still sounding pretty awful.

Yesterday, PC called me at school to say he would wanted some Benelyn Cough & Cold syrup as he was out. So... I made a second trip to Shopper's and picked up a big bottle of it, some Vicks Vapour Rub (as we were completely out), and this Benenlyn Plug-In contraption that the pharmacist said was her saving grace two weeks ago (saving grace...okay - SOLD). $45 dollars and I am home once again - although PC was out like a light, I put the plug-in in the wall and in no time my eyes were watering (all the while I was thinking, this better be working for him!).

This morning I awoke and VOLIA, PC awakes still not feeling the best, but definitely not coughing up brown chunks, and sounding a bit more like himself (as opposed to an 80 year-old man with a collapsed lung) - so I was feeling a small victory with my Plug-In remedy... but needless to say... what did all this cost me? $150 BUCKS.

I think the benefits package people need to start offering some coverage for over the counter meds. No... PC didn't need a prescription to cure his cold/flu, but I can tell you that I definitely didn't budget for $150 dollars worth of over the counter meds.

It may seem greedy... and as I said, I know we already get great coverage through our medical plan, BUT if the benefit package decision makers happen to be reading this little rant... all I am asking is that you take into consideration, the amount of money public servant families expense to over the counter meds... throw us a bone once in a while.. $100 limit per year or something measely to start out with... then we can stage a walk-out or a full-blown strik during our next collective agreement baragining sessions - and I can carry a huge sign on the picket line that says: OVER THE COUNTER MEDS FOR FEDS!

Easy now ... I know all you private sector folks out there want to throw a few tomatoes at the screen right now... but simmer down, its just a suggestion - and like I said, I am perfectly happy with the current plan, BUT no organization would be healthy if weren't open to a few changes... a girl can make a suggestion can't she!!


Rhonda said...

Oh Sara Sara.................are you playing the role of Florence Nightangle, you are such a good little wife. Next time i wuold suggest lots of orange juice/apple juice, chicken soup and a nice hot cup of tea with some honey in it for the lad. And if you have one of those facial mist contraptions they do wonders also. Now another home remedy that my brother has used is eating some raw onion.

Allison said...

Benadryl 'All in One' gel pills...try them next time. They work for me every time!