Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tie & Belinda

Well... the news has been out for about a week now about Tie Domi's wife, Leanne, citing Belinda Stronach as the 'other woman' in her divorce application from the retired Maple Leaf. Whether Mr. Domi and Ms. Stronach are together or not, I could really care less, but what I found most haunting about the news was the fact that Leanne Domi was deamanding $15,000 per month in child support and $30,000 in spousal support.

So... let's say the man was having an affair on you... do you really think that you are entitled to $45,000 a month in order to live your life and raise 3 kids. Unless you are heavily addicted to some expensive line of drugs, I can't imagine what woman would need $45,000 a month (that's $540,000 a year) to get by.

Give your head a shake lady.

I know its reasonable for any divorce to get a little nasty, but I think 45K is a little over the top - whether or not Leanne Domi has a job of her own (I will assume not), I don't know, but if she did attempt to work after the divorce, she would definitely not need 15K a month just to raise 3 damn kids. Tie Domi may not be capable of being a good husband but I would like to believe that he can still be a good father, and look after his kids financially. I would also hope that raising 3 kids does not cost anywhere close to the neighbourhood of 15K, that's $5,000 per child - if that is case... Lord help me, I am not having kids anytime soon.

Leanne... we all know you're hurting, and my guess is your not voting Liberal in the next election, but let's try to be rational and close this divorce settlement with some dignity - for the sake of the children.