Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sorry ladies...

In a male vs. female world, I would normally stand with my torch planted firmly on female ground, but this morning, the male gender (namley PC) would have had a field day on one woman driver.

As I came into Ottawa, I had the pleasure of driving behind a woman who was applying her make-up the entire way through stop n' go traffic. While stopped she would quickly grab a brush and begin painting on her eyebrows, then realize traffic was moving... speed up... slam on the breaks, and then continue painting.

Honestly... it is these types of women who give good drivers like myself (toot toot!) a very bad reputation.

Part of me wanted to slam on my breaks abruptly for no good reason... just to have this lady slam into the back of me... so that I could say: Officer, I was just being a cautious driver, while Cat Eyes back here wasn't paying any attention to the road.

If make-up application is so important to some woman, why don't they take the extra few minutes at home and do it, or at least wait until the car is parked until they start painting on eyes and lips.

Most woman have the desire to look presentable at the workplace... but for god's sake sneek in the back door at work and apply the makeup in the bathroom before heading to your office, if it is that much of a priority for you.

While I tend to support my fellow females, this is one battle that I would have to award to the males. How unfortunate.