Monday, September 25, 2006

Montréal weekend!

PC & I spent Saturday and Sunday in La belle province, celebrating our first anniversary.

Montréal never seems to fail us... time and time again we always seem to have a good time when we go there. Its like a little hideaway for us. I am not sure what it is about the city that I love so much, but there are parts of it that just make you feel way more wealthy and glamorous than you would in Ottawa.

The French culture in Montréal never ceases to amaze me... I love people watching (I am my mother's daughter for sure) and there are just so many different types of people in Montréal that you can never be bored... NEVER EVER!

So... onto the details of our trip. We got up at a reasonable hour on Saturday morning and decided we would do some shopping in Point Claire on the way into the city, but it was raining retardly when we left, and with construction, and everything else, we didn't end up stopping, but instead we made to our hotel by 11:00... and we were surprised to discover that we could check in to our room (sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet).

After checking in... we decided to go across the street to the Bell Centre to pick up our tickets for the game ... so we wasted some time there just checking out the facility... then we walked up to St. Catherine street and went our seperate ways... I to Jacob, PC to Golf Town (Happy Anniversary)! We spent a few hours shopping... we manage to both buy some new shoes, me boots, PC dress shoes (Happy Anniversary).

After the shoe purchases we went back to the hotel, changed our clothes and got ready to go to dinner. There were many restaurants in Montréal that are good, and that we would have loved to try, but we could not resist old faithful: Bâton Rouge, a stone's throw away from the hotel and the Bell Centre... it was like it was meant to be!

We enjoyed our dinner... not rushing, having a few drinks, appeitizers, and then way too much food, but it was good!

We finished with enough time to go over to the game early, to get a few pictures in the prime seating!!! The game itself was really exciting, and I hate to say it, but Habs fans really put Sens fans to shame... for a pre-season game, these fans were nuts... they are true supporters of a hockey team, not band-wagon riders! It was really something to see... everyone in the building had a Habs shirt or hat, or flag -- chanting & cheering throughout the entire game. The Leafs fans that made it to their seats, were heckled the entire game -- something worth seeing, as well! The Leafs ended up winning the game 4-3.... but as we exited the building, all you could hear was "LEAFS SUCK, LEAFS SUCK, LEAFS SUCK" -- the entire city was roaring!!!

After the game... PC and I hit this little Irish Pub on a side street near the hotel... and it was a lot of fun. They had a live band - and it was just our scene... we ended drinking quite a bit, and luckily for me, I didn't wake up with a hangover (another reason I think Montréal is so good to us)!

The next morning... we headed to Cora's for breakfast.... if I wasn't catholic, I would be swearing like a trucker describing the breakfast I had... to DIE for... seriously... I fell in love with the concept... eggs, cheese and ham sandwiched between two slices for french toast with syrup over the top --- piled high with only my favourite fruits.... grrrr, I want it again - it sounds a bit disgusting, but trust me, it was 'THE' Best - a great way to top off a very good weekend!

We toured around the historical part of the city before calling it a weekend -- and of course shopped at the Winners & Home Sense in Point Claire, before heading to Maxville for dinner Mom & Dad Coleman!

All in all is was... a fabulous weekend... a memorable first anniversary! Here are a few pics form the Habs game!