Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You're 18, right?

This morning on my way into school I needed to get gas, and when I saw the sign that said 78.2 at the Embrun/Vars exit, I drove in there like they were giving away free Krispy Kreme donuts!

Everytime I get gas, I usually make a point of getting a Cash for Life scratch ticket (I have this dream that one day I will win big and be able to quit French). This morning when I went into pay for gas, I grabbed a small chocolate milk and headed to the cash register.

The lady behind the cash and I have the following conversation:

Her: Just this and the gas ma'am?
Me: And I'll take a Cash for Life too?

Her: (Blank stare) Okay.... you're 18, right?
Me: Ahhh... yah, I hope so.

Her: Well you don't look it.
Me: Well... I'm 26... so I guess that's a compliment.

Her: You're not 26...no way?
Her: Shit... you look young.
Her: Holy... nice ring... you're married?

Me: Yup (thinking to myself: ya.. with a mortgage and a SUV... how much do I owe you LADY).

Her: Would you like to buy a 649 ... its 15 million you know.

Are you kidding me... first I don't look old enough to buy a scratch ticket, now she wants to sell me a 649.

All I could think when I left there was... maybe when I am 40 I will appreciate only looking 32.