Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Move over Egg McMuffin

So... I'm out of town for one weekend and away from Tim Horton's for 3 whole days and they go and get a new menu item on me. This morning I stroll in my local Timmy's to read a new sign at on the door that says: introducing the NEW breakfast sandwich.

What the %?&*? The nerve... I mean, I am all for the new menu item, but I feel as a loyal customer to the franchaise, I should have been consulted or at least warned about the new arrival.

This morning I was thrown right off when I got in line. The entire 4 minute wait I was in a panic... trying to decide whether or not to desert my standard Everything Bagel with butter and cheddar cheese in exchange for the new hot breakfast sandwich. I had the exact amount of money in hand for my regular coffee & bagel order, but this new item was a bit more expensive, but looked entirely more breakfast-ish. It was before 9 and I was forced to make a choice without coffee: MOMM-EH!

I think the biggest thing that stunned me while in line was that I had to come to grips with the fact that Tim Horton's serves EGGS. This means Timmy's has to be factored into a lot more choices now. Before I would abandon Tim's for Broadway's breakfast because of the eggs, bacon, & homefries factor, but now, with Timmy's in the egg & sausage/bacon category, there is defintely more to consider.

I decided to take the plunge and try the new menu item, after all, as a faithful customer I need to know if it is good in order to recommend it to others... and also because of the sheer fact that I pride myself in being a preferred member of the Timmy's taste-testers demographic.

I've had 1.5 hours to eat and digest the new menu item and I must say, it hits the spot. I tried the sausauge & egg combo (as there is a bacon & egg choice) ... it comes with cheese on a toasted biscuit... I added a little ketcup and it is BETTER than an Egg McMuffin.

The best part is that (years ago when I use to work at an office) I would gather my little possi (Dal, Dania & Vero) and make two trips for breakfast in the morning, first to McDonald's to get a sausage McMuffin and then over to Timmy's to get my coffee... now the mornings that I do crave an egg style breakfast, I will only have to make one stop. Could life get any better? (actually... it could, but I won't go there today).

Two thumbs up Tim Horton.... the new sandwich is definitely a hit... it officially makes the CPC list... Coleman Preferred Choice list!

And while I have you here, Mr. Horton... in the future, I would at least like to be consulted on any future menu items that you plan on introducing- I mean seriously, the last thing I need to be is out of the loop when it comes to the Timmy's menu.