Friday, September 29, 2006

Car Pickers

Lately I have noticed more and more people driving their cars in broad day light and picking their nose at the same time. Not a scratch... a full fledge pick.

All I can say to all you car pickers is: DI.GUST.ING

Seriously.... folks, just because you are driving all alone in your car, does not mean that other drivers cannot see you. Unless you have limo tint (the darkest of tints) on all your windows, you are still visible to the world... the car is not a closest, so please refrain from sticking your index finger so far up your nose that it almost chokes you, just to get a boo-ger!

What you do in the comfort of your own home is your business, and if you want to pick your nose and eat it at home, then by all means, go. to. town. BUT... do not bring your nose picking ways to the 417 or any other major traffic highway in this country - its wrong... completely and utterly WRONG.

Has anyone else noticed this... or am I the only non-car pickin' driver on the roads these days?