Thursday, July 06, 2006

Am I a potential serial marrier?

A topic that I like to discuss often is marriage... because of course, being recently married I feel like its a big part of my life right now.

A recent report from Stats Canada discusses the likelyhood of a marriage surviving based on the current social behaviours and beliefs of Canadians. Apparently if the people are over 25 when they marry and it is their first marriage the likelyhood of survival is good - so with that said, I continue to sleep soundly at night over my marriage.

However, the article in the Edmonton Sun on this Stats Can report referred to a term that I have never heard before... and therefore I thought it might be worth discussing.

Apparently, according to the report there is only a 'tiny tiny fraction of people' who were found to have serial marriages.


Are you kidding me? Do these people who engage in serial marriages really exist?

I suppose they do... but honestly... this term is a bit much to digest for me the beaming newlywed. The thought of being a serial marrier (if that's a term) never really occured to me. I guess people don't exactly set out to have a string a marriages (atleast I hope not, although you have to wonder about a few Hollywood Stars). I guess the reality is, anyone could be a serial marrier.

The term makes it sound like those who marry frequently have the same types of characteristics as other types of serial people like serial rapists and serial killers. Not exactly the peeps I want to be associated if I become a serial marrier (not that I plan on that happening). However, I guess anything is possible, perhaps my current marriage is just the beginning of my string of serial marriages...

OH P my first victim?

Thank god from him, Stats Canada reported that most Canadians who marry will walk up the aisle only once, and fewer than 1% of Canadians will exchange vows more than twice. The statistics are in my favour, OUR FAVOUR!!!

PHEW.... what a relief! I bet my parents are loving those statistics too... their bank account can't exactly accomodate another one of my weddings, let along a string of marraiges! Don't worry... I 100% committed to my marriage, and will be with P for the long run... unless of course Kelly Hrudey frees up in the next 75 years!!

NOTE: My big sista turns the lovely 3-0 aujourd'hui... so here is wishing her the happiest of days ahead! Happy Birthday Erin!!