Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Canada Day Long Weekend

Well... folks... the 1st Annual 130-O CampFest (my personal name for the weekend) has been here and gone... all in good fashion.

We arrived at the Sharbot Lake Provincial Park around noon on Canada Day, unpacked the SUV, and setup camp for the weekend. Surprisingly setup went well for P and I, mainly due to the EZ Woods Tent we had received as a wedding gift from noneother than the 130-O gang themselves. Honestly... we have by far the easiest and fastest tent there is on the market... I am sure of it.

We had some lunch, checked out the beach, and began consuming some alcohol not to far into the mid afternoon. We celebrated the lovely Miss Erin Boyd's 26th birthday with a few sparklers and some hotdogs. As evening fell upon us, we loaded up the troops and headed over to another part of Sharbot Lake, home to the Robinson's and Co. This well-planned get together included a 100 of our closest U of O acquaintances.... a good time was had by all, but the rain fell all too soon and ended the evening for the 130-O gang well before Krista Smith was ready to leave the party. After a scary movie, pitch black, trail walking scene back to the car... we called it an evening.

P and I spent our first evening in the tent as CAMPERS. For the first hour P hit the pillow hard (one too many rye) and I listened to some other tenters have a sing-a-long that went something a little like this:

Hey Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelly, you're wanted on the teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelephone.
Hey Eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin, you're wanted on the teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelephone.

Hey Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, you're wanted on the teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelephone.
Hey Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaper, you're wanted on the teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelephone.


This went on for a little while, before some other disrupted campers yelled: SHUT-UP (not be quiet, not please shut up, not please shut the f$%* up, just SHUT UP!!!).

As things quieted down vocally, the rain got louder, and louder, and louder.... and it began raining very (complete with thunder and lightening) for 5 hours straight. Our tent was put the test and held up beautifully, but I swear we did not sleep a wink. P and I both had to pee, but were not about to risk getting drenched over it. Finally around 4 am...there was slight break in the weather... we managed to get a quick pee in and catch some zzzz's (like 2.5) just before the birds decided it was time to start singing as the sun came up... honestly.... what a night!

However, the morning became pretty exciting when we band together as a team and made the best camping breakfast ever... complete with eggs, bacon, homefries, fruit, toast, and OJ. Although sleep deprived, we were reved up and ready to take on the day after that meal.

We spent most of the day on the beach, and then had a late lunch and were greeted by some visitors from the party the night before. Everyone stepped it up a notch in the drinking department and that set the stage for a fun filled evening, including campfire smores, and an interesting game of WOULD YOU RATHER (be stoned to death by pickles or drown to death in a large jar of mayo?).

In the early morning, park security came around to have us turn off our radio, and after the last drink was drank, the last log burned, and the last laugh had, we headed to bed. Monday morning we were up and packed up by 9:30.... home by noon, and enjoyed a Monday afternoon of napping.

All in all it was a good weekend. There are tons of stories to tell, but I am still recovering from the weekend, so I was hoping that posting some pics will give you a summary of the weekend's events, and perhaps visually you can string together your own verison of our 1st Annual 130-O CampFest weekend.