Monday, April 24, 2006

Deals Deals Deals

The title of this entry may have you thinking that today's post is going to be about P and another adventure he went on in order to get a deal, but refreshingly (for me) its actually about a great web site I found.

Check out this link, I am surprised P and this guy have not hooked up at 7 am door crasher event. The author of Smart Canucks posts a shit load of deals on his blog each day. His blog is dedicated to finding deals in Canada. He highlights which stores are having sales, and what promotions are being offered on tons of different web sites. Even if you are not looking for anything particular, it is just neat to see what stores are offering what discounts and what items you can obtain for free.

Its definitely worth a look. I have also added it to my list of blogs I read on the sidebar. I have yet to actually let P in on this secret, as I feel that withholding the information from him is my verison of parental control!

However, if he does get around to reading this post, the cat will be out of the bag in no time!

On a sidenote, its been raining for 3 days straight, and the depression level is starting to rise here in the capital city. I can't believe that the weather man would bless us with 7 straight days of +20 weather, and then slaps us with cold winds and rain - only in Canada does this b.s happen.

And marks 7 months married for P and I. Plans for tonight's celebration include grocery shopping and watching Prison Break - two keys to a healthy marriage!