Monday, May 29, 2006

Mission accomplished, but West Nile looms

This weekend, I had one goal (actually, last weekend I had one goal, but it rained all weekend), so last weekend's goal turned into this weekend's goal, and I am happy to report this weekend's goal was accomplished.
I have been after myself & PC to get motivated to do our flower beds in the front of our house. After all, we practically live on Wysteria Lane, and the majority of our neighbours (the competive ones) have had their beds done for over 3 weeks.

Finally... we got a weekend of sunshine, but of course we were also busy doing other things throughout the entire weekend so it didn't leave a whole lot of time to devote to our (my) goal. However, I wasn't about to let the nice weekend go without some heavy duty digging and planting.

So... PC and I got down to business in the late late afternoon of a very busy day. Being the smart homeowners we are, we waited just until the sun was beaming on the front of the house, and then we began the intense labour session of expanding our flower beds. With the sun beaming right on us and PC sweating off a few pounds... it wasn't long until we both started getting tired and cranky (I don't know what it is about me, but I hate having dirty hands - it makes me irritable...very irritable, and might I add, a pleasure to work with). Once the sun went down, I expected the labour to go smoother but then out came the mosquitoes.

Yes...our flower beds look lovely, but we have probably been exposed to West Nile due to the fact the mosquitoes had a field day on my legs and arms during the last hour of our mission. PC claims he probably didn't get West Nile because he was too busy working ALL THE TIME (constantly moving), while I on the other hand probably do have the virus because my work ethic apparently isn't up to snuff with Mr. Coleman's standards! Geeeeeeeesh!

Whatever the case may be...West Nile or perfectly healthy, our flower beds (the perannials) are a done deal for this year. The only thing left to do is get our annual pots going, perhaps our my next mission for next weekend.

However, what I should be concentrating on now is tonight's mission, which is to continue scratching away at my bites and waiting for West Nile to take its full effect on me (perhaps it will be worth a few sicks off from FRENCH training- pray for me....please pray for me).

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