Friday, May 26, 2006

I`ll give you something to GAG about!

It's not often that I go off in a political rage, but I have been closely following the current situation between Mr. Harper & the National Press Gallery. It seems Stevie has a little problem with the way the media are covering his term in office. I am not exactly sure what his problem is, but today's article in the Globe & Mail says that Mr. Harper will press-on with his battle against the news media.

What has me so reved up is the latest GAG order from Harper, as reported in this article from the London Free Press. Stevie has banned his conservative MP's from commenting on the upcoming gay marriage of two RCMP officers. My question is WHY? Is he afraid that his MP's are so incompetent that they will say something offensive or off-key and the media will be right there to report it to the rest of Canadians?

What ever happened to freedom of speech? It seems that Stevie wants to carefully select a handful of reporters that can ask him questions - a type of prescreeening that will ensure only the timid reporters will be able to produce articles in the news. In my opinion, this is not right. We as Canadians are entitled to information about our government, and journalists provide to us that informative role.

We relie on journalists to ask the tough questions, to get the tough answers, and then report their findings to the public (with or without a grain of salt). It is wrong for our Prime Minister to try and control this right of Canadians.

I will give Harper credit for realizing that our old buddy Paul was far too loose at the lips when it came to the media, and often back peddled when something flew out his mouth that wasn't in the script, but Harper has taken his role with the media to the opposite extreme. Of course the media is never going to write how well the government is doing or how great the political system of our country is - because who would want to read that everyday? - but I do believe that if he would instill a notion of competence in the media, they would respect him, and the majority of articles would not be as harsh as Mr. Harper believes they will be.

On the other hand, piss of the media at the beginning of your term in office, and don't expect the next 4 years to be smooth a ride - if you so much as fart in public - the media will be there to cover it, frame it, and spin it so it sounds as if Harper is in favour of having the country produce toxic gases for export to third world countries.

That's right Stevie...I'll give you something to gag about! I hope you brought your ball glove.... because this game is just getting started!