Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Truly blessed!

This past Sunday was a special day in our household. We finally made the arrangements to have the boys baptized and did so at a small service on Sunday afternoon.

Now... for many families, baptism happens when a baby is only months old, but in our household this was not the case.

PC and I have always had the intention to have our children baptized but there were a series of excuses factors that came into play during the last three years. Of course, PC and I being children of catholic parents, and being raised with the influence of the catholic church, the silent pressure to have our boys baptized only mounted with each passing Sunday. As PC likes to say... "3 hours after they were born is too late for my mother!", and that's a fairly true statement for my father too!

Nevertheless, we finally got things rolling on our end and made the arrangements a little over a month ago to have it done this past Sunday. I don't think it matters when we did it, but just that we finally did it!

I have to say, it was a really nice day, and the fact that E was very into it, also made it fun. He was so proud to be called up to receive his baptism candle with his godparents. I loved the look on his face. And H was pretty pumped to have the holy water poured on his hair - gave his famous 'rock on' sign right away!

It turned out to be a bit of a bigger deal than I had first envisioned, and I am really happy with our decision to have it done at the church the boys will now be apart of throughout their school years.

Here are a few pics from this special day... thank you to the boy's godparents, and their grandparents for setting aside sometime to be part this day and for spoiling them with love and support - it means so much to us.

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