Sunday, November 06, 2011

Little Reminders

I love this...

I love this because it says so many simple things, and yet is a little reminder of just how precious my boys are to me... and even more than that, how important my job as a parent is to them.

These last few weeks my mind has been working overtime. My boys are so young, and its up to PC and I to guide them through the big wide world! Right now, I have more thoughts than I can possibly address -  thoughts that keep me up late at night, thoughts that are just there, and thoughts that remind me that I'm an adult now, with two children, a loving husband, and a lot of responsibility.

I actually sit back in amazement that my parents did all of this for my sister and I, and are still living to the tale!
Like anyone, I want what is best for my family... and I want my children to grow up feeling safe, and loved, and that we did the best job we possibly could for them.

Every decision we make as a parents has a consequence for our children... some decisions are harder than others, but my honest belief is, if you are doing what is best for them, then you are doing the right thing.  I have a hard time remembering this when it comes to my decision-making.

The line above that gets me (besides the 'stop yelling') is the one that says 'realize how important it is to be a child'. I think I tend to forget that one.  Childhood is SO important, and I want my boys to have fun, to sing, to dance, to laugh, to play, to learn, to grow, to discover, and above all else, be safe and healthy. I want this for them, because I want what I was given as a child and then some.

I'm rambling, but when I saw this canvas online, I thought it really hit home for me. Life is challenging, and being a good parent is hard work. In addition to my professional job, I have bigger responsibilities to my family, and ones that I want to fulfill by doing nothing but loving them and doing what is best for us as a family.

Can you tell I'm not ready to go back to work yet... at ALL?!
T minus two months and NOT counting!
How's that for a little reminder!

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