Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random decorative piece!

This is probably the most random thing I have in my house...

I've had it in my bathroom for over 5 years, it just sits on the back corner of the bathtub. Its ugly, its not my style, but yet its nowhere near close to death in this house.

The turtle trio was something that we bought at an auction, an auction that was selling the estate of PC's great aunt (Hilda). While there were many nice things at the auction, this was the piece that caught my eye. I think we paid $3.00 for it. I've always kind of liked it in an odd way because it had three turtles and made me think of PC and his brothers, and at the time I thought I wanted 3 kids too, so thought it might be a nice correlation down the road. I thought that because it was PC's great aunt that owned it, he might like to have it, so that's what I chose.

Turns out, he could really care less about the piece, and its me that can't bring myself to get rid of it! It's just one of those things.... an odd thing too, because I am the queen of decluttering, getting rid of any junk and sentimental clutter, but this piece for some reason has firmly found its place in our home, and because its not on display in any main room, I feel like it can stay.

Every time I look at it though, I kinda just shake my head because it is so odd... but yet its something that is part of this house, part of our family.

How's that for a random Tuesday post. Do you have any random pieces in your house that aren't your style but yet you continue to hold onto them?

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