Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is this your nursery?

Last week... I put E down for a nap in the afternoon and I took the monitor downstairs with me. As I was cleaning up the kitchen I noticed some static on the monitor so I hit the video button on it to see what he was doing.

To my surprise, there was a two second flash of some other nursery. I knew this because E has a white crib, and this crib was clearly dark wood... and we have our camera so that you can see a close up of his face... and this nursery had more of full crib view.

I was totally creeped out. When I hit the button again, it was E, sleeping peacefully. I thought to myself that maybe that is was a pre-loaded standard nursery picture that comes on the monitor when you buy it, but since we've had our monitor for 9 months, and I had never seen this picture before I didn't stick with that story long. I tried to put it out of my mind but then it happened again.

We have a colour monitor and this time I noticed bright green nursery walls, and a white mobile hanging over the crib. The crib mattress is much lower than E's... so I said to myself, it has to be a baby that is older than him, as his mattress is still on the highest level.

I started fooling around with the channels on the monitor, but there are only two and when I switched the monitor to the other channel, I got a clearer view of this nursery. I committed myself to not going back to that channel... and thought this would be the end of it.

But the other night, I got up in the middle of the night to pee, and when I was getting back into bed, I noticed the lights on the monitor meaning E was either up or making some noise of some sort. In my sleepiness I went to turn the volume up and hit the wrong button ... which is when I saw a BABY in the other nursery rolling around and making some NOISE!

I immediately snapped out of it and woke right up, as I wanted to see if I recognized this baby as one of my neighbours... and then I could easily talk to them and try to figure out if we could get this channel situation figured out - but of course I didn't (not that I got a very good look at this baby's face), so now I have this view into some random nursery that could be in our neighbourhood, or could be some freaky sci-fi or Will Smith Enemy of the State movie in the making.

I have these fears that I am going to see this nursery and see this baby either trying to climb out of the crib or doing something really dangerous ... it will unfold right in front of me and I will be helpless as I won't know whose damn baby it is, and where the heck to send my 911 call for help.

A bit extreme? Perhaps... but the even creepier part for me is that, if I can see into this nursery, does this mean the video monitor owners on the other end have seen E from their side?

The video monitor might just have to go, if that's the case!

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