Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tid-Bits Thursday

Frankly, my brain is still on vacation mode - and although I would like to come up with a super witty post about something important, I just don't have the brain power to do that .... so in lieu of my sound writing ability, I present to you: TID-BITS THURSDAY!

1. I think I may be off coffee ... I know it sounds ludicrous, but while we were on our vacation, I didn't touch coffee. I tried one cup the first day and found the milk to taste a bit weird, so didn't have another cup since. When I got home, I just have been too lazy to brew coffee in the morning, and have even started drinking tea at work if I am in need of something. However, I am still on Chai Tea Lattes... and in time I know my cravings for Vanilla Lattes will surface soon, but for now - I truly think I could be off coffee, if I want to be (which is probably still up for discussion).

2. No matter how much sleep I got on vacation, I am still tired... I think I was just starting to enjoy the extra sleep on my vacation, and now my body expects it. I am trying to go to bed earlier at night, but this is at the risk of leaving dirty dishes on the counter, not having lunches made for the next day, and not getting any laundry or other daunting chores done through the week. Why does one aspect of my life have to suffer, if I am trying to improve another part of it?

3. There was a tragic accident in Ottawa that happened early Wednesday morning, involving an OC Transpo bus, and an SUV filled with 5 Carleton University students, 3 of which were killed. The bus slammed into the SUV at 2am killing the male driver, and two female passengers. The other two students were injured and taken to hospital. It is not known who was at fault, although it is suspected that alcohol was a factor. No words can really express the tragedy that has occurred, but I do hope that the family and friends of those who were killed some how find a way to cope with such an unexpected and tragic loss.

4. I am peeling... everywhere. My skin apparently isn't liking this Canadian weather, as I have started to peel in various places on my body - places I didn't even know saw the sun while I was on vacation. It's quite disgusting actually, dead skin cells fill my bed each morning, I have to sweep them off in the garbage, it's very gross - no matter how much aloe vera, or body butter I slap on my skin, it continues to have a mind of it's own! I wish I could shed a few pounds, as fast as I am shedding all of this dead skin!

5. I have way too many books on the go right now, and I am not making any headway with any of them. I get about 3 chapters into a book, and then put it aside, start another one. Now I have 5 decent books started, and I am no where near finishing any of them. Do this ever happen to any of you?

6. It's Thursday, which means tomorrow's Friday. I don't have big plans for the weekend, except fully unpacking my suitcase and doing laundry - other than that, perhaps I can make some headway on 1 of the 5 books I have on the go. What about you, any big plans for the weekend?

That wraps the first edition of Tid-Bits Thursday... perhaps I will make this a weekly thing!

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