Sunday, December 30, 2007

Highlights of 2007

Hard to believe 2007 is coming to a close already... I feel like it was only yesterday that I was making and breaking my resolutions for 2007... now time has flown right by and its almost 2008.

I was scrolling through my archives and thought I would post some highlights of the year via my blogging headlines.... so here we go!

January 2007

-My First Sushi Experience.
-Face it.. I've forgotten people (joining Facebook).
-J'ai reussi... Niveau C (French comprehension).

February 2007

-Another Bedroom Make-over.
-Rockin' Out in T-Bay.

March 2007

-One year and counting (1st Blog-o-versary).
-No one said it would be easy! (French training comes to a close).
-The results are in... (French levels CBB).

April 2007

-Bang ... Ooops! (Minor mishap with the Escape and my garage door).
-Anyone feel like taking a leak on their keyboard (free keyboard).

May 2007

-The end of an era (130-O couches).
-Look out Public Health, here I come (accepting a new job).
-Home Project #492: Finishing the Basement (construction begins).

June 2007

-Goodbye CRA
-I love Kelly Hrudey (in the flesh)
-Stag n' Doe Weekend (Krista & Kelly prepare to tie the knot).
-I liked it I loved it (Tim & Faith concert).

July 2007

-A week at the Cottage.
-A trip to Fenway Park.
-Boston Adventures.
-A week in New Hampshire.

August 2007

-4 Week Update (the new job).
-PG Bachelorette Photos!

September 2007

-Beautiful Lakeshore Wedding (Krista & Kelly's Wedding).
-The 730 mark! (Our 2nd Anniversary).
-Pressure is on... (new furniture is ordered).

October 2007

-Basement Update (drywall finished).
-Mellow Yellow (our new doggie niece).
-Sweeeeeeeep (Red Sox's win the world series).

November 2007

-Finally... a basement update (paint, carpet, ready for use)
-Winter has arrived!
-The Update Living Room (new furniture arrives for upstairs).

December 2007

-Snowed In!
-How NOT to cap off a very good weekend (ditch adventure).
-I'm Rural But I'll Go Urban (Keith Urban concert).

-Merry Christmas!