Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The New Job

I survived, the first two days of the new job.

Let me set the scene of the first morning. Me... dressed in causal capri pants, a white (very chic) hoodie, and my jean jacket. I was dressed down as per the orders of my new boss, because it was moving day. Everyone in the office was to be unpacking their office as there had been a major office reorg. over the weekend. According to the boss, nobody was to be too concerned about work, and her final words of our last phone call were 'make sure you don't wear good clothes', so I didn't.

30 seconds in the door, we are rushed off to a surprise all-staff comm's meeting. Perfect! I get to meet everyone and their dog under one roof. I roll into the boardroom with a look of distress, and I pretty much have this thought: Hi Sara, meet your new well-dressed colleagues.

Does anyone have a gun? Please shoot me.

If these people are dressing down, as per the orders, they all deserve an F for effort. To the credit of my new boss, she was in jeans, and runners, so I didn't feel completely out of place, but I am sure everyone will now remember me as: the new girl, wearing the jean jacket.

Luckily, I have thick skin... so after about an hour, it didn't really bother me, but I am sure the look on my face said it all when I first walked into the boardroom among 25 of my newest colleagues!

Other than that minor hiccup, I am thinking I am going to like the place. It's super upbeat. Everyone is go. go. go. and really positive while they are at it - which is far cry from the work environment I just left, so this is a plus.

I am going to be a while catching onto the files, how the department is structured, and who does what, but nonetheless, learning all these things is half the fun.

I have met a lot of people over the past two days, many faces which I remember, but not their names. I am hoping this will come. I was asked to do some work right off the bat, which didn't seem too bad, except for the fact that I don't understand any of the five thousand acronyms the department uses. Honestly... whoever permitted the use of acronyms in speaking and writing, did not work in government!

The files are interesting... I am learning a lot as I go along, but the scientific health research might kill me at some point. I used dictionary.com about 14 times today, just to grasp some of the lingo that medical doctors and such are using. I think that is going to be quite challenging to comprehend all the medical lingo, but hopefully nothing I can't handle.

My team is small, and I think we are going to along great. The senior management team seems very nice, and they were very welcoming, which made me feel great about being part of their team. It's a mix of men and women, but the majority of people are late twenties to mid thirties - which is very cool - everyone is on the same page when it comes to working styles, and I like that.

The one thing that is bringing me down is that the department uses Lotus Notes and not Microsoft Office for email - major bummer. I feel like an idiot, but I am starting to catch onto it. It feels old school, because it is, and after coming from Microsoft Outlook and knowing it inside and out, Lotus Notes feels like I have taken a step back in technology, however, I am coping with it - slowly!

I am so far finding the drive in not too bad... its a change of scenery for sure, and I think that in itself is good. The first day, I practically starved myself to death. I didn't pack a lunch, and I decided to get a small salad from the cafeteria, which was clearly not enough to hold me over until 6:30 pm, when I ate dinner. I was dying for snacks all. day. long. and had nothing stashed away. I am really going to be missing the market, and the afternoon strolls for Starbucks, Yogen Fruz, Laura Secord, etc., but in the same way, it will be damn good for the figure. Today I packed my lunch, complete with health snacks, and I was a much happier person at the end of the day - so this is something I am going to have to start doing... faithfully.

I am at the end of day 2, but looking forward to day 3... with each new day, comes more knowledge, and the more I know, the better I will be at my job - so that's a reason to get up tomorrow!

As well... the Sens play tomorrow night... we are down, but not out. I still believe. Its not over til its over, and nobody is going to be harder on themselves than the players, so I will continue to believe they can do it, until they have given their final effort.


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