Sunday, May 27, 2007

Count down is on...

Four working days to go, and I can hardly believe that the first chapter of my government career will be complete.

Last week, I spent half a day filling out an exit survey... a survey that I was told would take 10 to 15 minutes, but when I sat down to write out my answers, I realized the space they allotted was clearly not enough, so I decided to type them out, and after an hour of piecing together my responses, it feel damn good to get some things off my chest.

The questions were pretty standard for an exit survey... such as, what did you most like about working at CRA? What did you least like? What would have made you remain at CRA?, etc.

These questions, although standard, hit a nerve with me. There are so many great things about the tax agency... if you take away the fact that it's tax, it is a really great place to work. It's a large organization, dynamic, and full of opportunities. The people (the majority of people) I work with are fantastic, capital F. These Fantastic people are what make most days bearable... knowing that there is a colleague or two who you can share with your hatred for the lady with the green pen on the 7th floor who sends urgent files back down because they are missing a comma - GOD I will not miss her! But in all seriousness, my colleagues are the reason that my experience at CRA has been so good and so profitable.

When I answered the first question, what did you like most about working at CRA, I had so much to say... and at the end of my response, I had this whole mini-panic - I had to ask myself, if I like it so much, why am I leaving?

But then came the second question, what did you least like about working at CRA. I will admit I had to think on this one... the last thing I want to do is burn a bridge with an organization that has really taught me so much in my young career, but at the same time, I wanted to be honest. I had one bad experience with a slice of senior management, and as much as I hate to pin-point one person as the reason for my departure, it was all I could think of. Of course, I did my best to be diplomatic about the whole thing, but it was hard - I mean this one person is not the reason for me leaving, its definitely the job offer that was presented to me, but at the same time, one bad apple in the bunch definitely does not make a person want to stay in the job.

Its weird... because two months ago, I had a pure hate on for senior management, but now that I have been able to focus more on what I want out of my career, and less about how one person can impact my career, its allowed me to take on a whole new attitude about myself and my capabilities in the big wide world of communications. Of course, this new focus did not come without some guidance, from a person who I respect, and who has been somewhat of a mentor to me (shout out to Kerry over at PopWatch Canada) - she really has given me a lot to ponder in the last few months, and I think knowing that someone wants what is best for me, has made all the difference in helping me make my career decision of late.

I only have four days left in the office, but I think I will enjoy them. Enjoy the fact that I have contributed to some great projects, worked with some great people, and learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. Yes... these next four days will no doubt be busy, but at the same time, it will be somewhat therapeutic to put this chapter in my career behind me, and take on some new career challenges over at Public Health in just over a week!

CRAZY! 4 days and counting...