Sunday, June 03, 2007

Friday's Golf Adventure

Friday, I was off. A planned vacation day before all of the job changing events occurred, as PC and I were participating in the Rideau Curling Club Golf Day with some friends (Shaun & Alexis Yoshi Riordan), at the Meadows Golf and Country Club.

Thursday night there was a HUGE thunder storm... the sky was lit up most of the night, and the rain came down hard. I was sure the tournament was going to be cancelled, but to our surprise on Friday, it was sunny and only a humid 50 degrees.

I make a rule each year, that I only golf in June and September, because I hate golfing in the heat of July and August. I think after Friday's round, I might have to narrow my golfing schedule down to merely September, because on Friday, the 1st of June, I was sweating before I even swung a club- not that I am complaining.

All I can say is... I will give my first born to the person (probably a woman), who invented the motorized golf cart - I don't think I would have survived the day without the cart, and it turns out... I am a pretty decent golf cart driver (right Yoshi?). I might just quit golf and take up golf carting instead, it's much less exhausting than actually swinging a golf club every 15 feet - and you get to do some off roading that you might not necessarily do in a regular game of golf... it's definitely something I am going to look into in the future!

Anyways... it was a best ball tourney... and given that I haven't swung a club in two years, I would say it was a pretty good outing. Somehow I have developed my father's mean slice to the bush (according to PC, who shouted 'Timbo would be proud' after every tee-off). This situation resulted in me loosing 14 balls on 18 holes, and PC swearing about every other shot! Thank god it was best ball - although Yoshi and I did hold the team together on a few holes with our birdie putts!

Check out some of the action shots from the day. We ended up 3 under par at the end of the day, but apparently not good enough for a prize - oh well, it was only about having fun, not about winning - or at least that's the speech I had to give PC on the ride home!

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