Sunday, June 03, 2007

Getting up to speed...

So it's been almost a week since my last post. You would think I was on some sort of crazy vacation... but the truth is, I haven't had a moment to post anything, because my calendar has been jammed full of activities. I am going to try to bring you up to speed slowly, starting with Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

As you know, Thursday was my last day CRA. Wednesday evening I stayed at the office very late, trying to put in order my career over the last five years. I had emails from 5 years ago stored away in a personal folder and it took forever to go through them, read them, and assess whether or not they were worth keeping. It felt pretty rewarding to walk out of the office on Thursday with only a few boxes of stuff - I felt like I droppeda few pounds just be leaving behind some files that had been follownig me for a few years.

After finally wrapping up my day on Wednesday, I rushed home to catch the Sens game, to which they lost 1-0 to the Ducks. I was not a happy camper, but I did not lose the faith - I am still convinced we are going to win the cup, and I want to give the Sens my full support until the very end! GO SENS GO!

Thursday, was my final day at the office. Somehow I got roped into doing work in the morning. It was hard to leave some files in the middle of production, while at the same time trying to leave behind some detailed notes for the next sucker lucky advisor coming in!
Finally towards the noon hour things quited down, and I was whisked off to a goodbye luncheon at my fave restaurant Blue Cactus. Many of my colleagues came out to share in some slushy drinks and to wish me well. They showered me with a huge card, and a few sentiments to remember the office by. I loved everything, and many of the warm words people wrote in the card won't soon be forgotten.

(The huge card!)

The Connaught Building , 555 Mackenzie Ave.

(A frame photo of the office, CRA Headquarters)

(A keepsake box from ZONE - another fave store of mine!)

(Gift certificates to Blue Oasis, a home store I love, and will miss dearly!)

It was not easy to say goodbye to such a great group of people on Thursday, but I know I will not lose touch with the close friends that I have made at CRA. It's very probable that I will cross paths with many of them in the future - that's the great thing about being part of a small, yet dynamic industry - you run into people you know all the time.

I left the office at 5pm on Thursday, and firmly closed the first chapter of my government career.... all I can do now, is look forward to what awaits me at the doors of new job on Monday, with a mix of fear and anticipation running through my mind!

So... it was... so long CRA... hello Public Health, this coming Monday!

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