Friday, June 09, 2006

Rain Rain Go AWAY

The rain is coming down... and that is fine for today. But tomorrow, my good friend Alexis is getting married OUTSIDE, and we need the rain to screw off from about 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm. After that rain all you want, but for those 4 hours, please say your GO AWAY RAIN prayers.

I am so adamant about the rain and this wedding because I am helping Miss Alexis decorate the lovely facility that she is having her wedding at. Its a great place without decoration, but she has asked me to oversee all the final touches. I hate to admit it but last night I was a little stressed out about the whole situation (more stressed than I was for my own wedding).

P decided to hit the hay at 9 pm, 2 hours before our usual bedtime and I practically threw a tantrum about needing to be in the bedroom, and getting everything organized. He didn't seem to care... he told me to leave a light on and go about my business! So I did... and he went about his, sleeping through all my 'where the hell is this' and 'OMG... I have to do this'.

All in all, I got everything ready, and I am feeling more confident about the whole task ahead of me tomorrow. Alexis has acquired a lot of lovely decorations, and ideas, so I am happy to be able to carry them out for her.

If it does rain tomorrow, the place is going to look beautiful, and in 10 years, people won't remember that it rained, they will remember how smokin' hot the place looked (at least that is my dream!).

Wish me luck... and I will be sure to post some pictures of the big event on Sunday! But for now... get down on your knees people and send out those prayers!!!