Friday, June 02, 2006

Playing Hooky!

If there ever was a morning that I was reminded why I love P so much... it was THIS morning.

We left the house in decent time, but didn't get 2 minutes down the road when P proclaimed 'F&?%, I forgot my sunglasses' ... no big deal, we keep driving as we both knew he could live without them. 5 minutes down the road, he sherks 'F*&$... I forgot my wallet' .... and by the look on his face, it was a big deal, so we turn the Escape around and headed back to our house so that P could get his act together and start the day properly.

Now...while this is all happening I am playing my new Dixie Chicks CD, song no. 1 (Taking the Long Way) on repeat (over and over and over) and singing to the two straws that I am carrying with me (complete with head bobbing and hand movements). I could have been pissed off about having to turn around, but the new Dixie Chicks song had me in a pretty good mood, and while P was getting pretty sick of me singing, he did seem to be in good humour about forgetting his stuff.

So we returned to the house, got his stuff and... we started out again (and the song started over again too!). I complained that I was hungry, and how I should have had breakfast, P complained that the truck needed gas, yada yada yadah.... and as we were approaching the Innes Road exit, the gas light comes on.... and we have the following conversation:

ME: 'Why don't we stop at the Esso on Innes and get some gas before we got to work?'

P: (and here comes the part where I reminded myself why I love P)
'You wanna go to Broadways for Breakfast?'

ME: HELL YA - best idea EVER!

I love breakfast... especially Broadways Breakfast. P had a few minutes to spare, and of course French is never a priority for me (especially on a Friday morning) so we zipped in for a quick BEST BREAKFAST EVER, and we were on our way within 15 minutes. Now... while I could have been dropped off at French by 9:15... and still not have missed any class.... I had P drop me off at the Rideau Center while he continued on to the office. I had intentions of checking my email at my office, but got sidetracked by a hot sale at the GAP! Finally I decided to head to class... and in a leisurely fashion, I strolled down Albert Street soaking up the mid morning sun.

I think this has been the best morning ever in a very long time. A side from reminding myself why I love P so much... I also realized, I was born to play hooky!!!