Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sleepless in Embrun

After being down for the count for almost 3 days.... I am happy to report that my vital signs have returned to normal and I attended to my regular activities today!

While lying in bed for 3 days straight, I was able to ponder what to blog about upon my recovery, so I suspect you will find the next few posts interesting as I have had days to think over my arguments!

This post dates back to Sunday night, when I had the worse sleep of my life. I was constantly tossing and turning, and P was in fact doing the same, leading me to believe that he was the reason I was tossing and turning.

A while ago, he took a photo of me (to which I won't reveal for the fear of humiliation on my own blog), which he thought displayed the fact that I sprawl out in bed leaving him with little room to no room to get a good night's sleep. In my opinion, the picture infact showed that while I had my arms and legs in full extension, there was still plently of room for P to have a comfortable nights sleep (hence the reason we got the largest size bed possible).

At any rate... continuing on with my story, I discovered that P's argument didn't exactly hold up in court when early Monday morning, I awoke to him sharing the same pillow and my quarter of the bed (why the hell does one need a king size bed when a single will do?).

I was a little upset, as P is no small rodent when it comes to his unconscious state. I tried to push him, physically move him, but to no avail. I had to get up, walk (march) around the bed, and drag the pillow (ever so s l o w l y) across to his side of the bed so that he would awake just long enough realize his pillow was moving, inch by inch by inch, and move the hell over!

This method did infact work, he mumbled something, willing repositioned himself, and I was happily back to bed with in minutes. I did turn on the fan on my way back to my side of bed as I had worked up quite of sweat trying to move him back to his own territory.

HOWEVER, its not likely that I got any of the mandatory R.E.M sleep (rapid eye movement, deepest type of sleep) that night, because it wasn't long until I woke up (teeth chattering) freezing because SOMEONE had the all the covers pinned under them. I yanked and pulled (thought about kicking), and pushed, but there was no moving the dead corps holding them down. I finally did give P a little love tap and VOLIA, the blankets were free... I snatched them up faster than a beaver in a wood shop, and tried to quickly resume my spot in my dream (to which I was just about to win the million on DEAL or NO DEAL).

I don't think it was five minutes, when P was up going to the bathroom, then I had to go to the bathroom, then we were both wide awake at 5 am (might as well stay up awake now, only an hour until the alarm goes off). I laid there thinking about all the times when were dating and we both use to sleep on my little futon or P's less than adequate double mattress... and we thought that life couldn't get any better because we were together.... and oh soooo in love... now even a king size bed can't accomodate our sleeping habits. Our general rule is, if you stretch your arm out and can touch the other person, you are too close.

During my little rendez-vous with the stomach flu, P setup camp in the spare room (for fear the virus would take him down), and I think we both loved every minute of it. I slept like a baby, and I know he did too. I thought sleeping in seperate beds was for couples who were 65 and older... not newlyweds in their mid twenties. Apparently, the marriage vows should have went something like this:

I promise to love you, honour you, and sleep in the same bed with you, yida yida yida

Because seriously.... you can see why couples resort to seperate beds... they want some R.E.M. and if there anything like me... its not pretty when a princess doesn't get her R.E.M!

For now, I guess P and I will continue to tolerate each other's so-called sleeping habits, but the day I turn 65, helloooooooooo to my own bed!