Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Potential Desperate Housewife

Lately I have noticed that I am being a freak about the neatness around my house. So freakish that I think Bree and I from Desperate Housewives would be best buddies if she we're a real person, and not just a character from television show.

When I was younger and lived with my parents, I could have really cared less about where I left anything. As my mother always said 'it's not hard to tell where Sara's been...her stuff is always right where she left it'. Although not consciously knowing this, I think my mother may have given me a complex.

These days, if one thing is out of place the Bree in me comes out and I immediately have to rectify the problem.

This morning when P got out of bed and into the shower, I immediately went into the bedroom, made the bed, fluffed the pillows, and straightened everything on the dresser as if we were going to be having company. I am in the frame of mind that even if someone broke into our house while we were at work I would want them to say 'wow...this place is really tidy' before they rummaged through everything we own.

I don't know why I have become like this....but everything in my house has it's very own SPOT. Each SPOT knows which item belongs to it, and when something is not in it's SPOT, it sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Literally, we will be sitting in the living room and watching tv, and I will notice that something is out of place, I immediately jump up and re-position everything back to the proper SPOT. I believe this disease is referred to as 'obsessive compulsive disorder' - but I like to refrain from thinking of it as a disorder.

Everytime I watch Desperate Housewives, I see Bree doing a lot of the same things I do. She often polishes and straightens the things on her coffee table and then gives a pleasant smile of approval when she has it looking perfectly. I do this 3 to 4 times a day (depending on how often P has decided to eat at the coffee table).

Bree and I seem to have a similar approach to house keeping, although I wouldn't take it to her extremes - like the time she politely asked her husband (who was having a heart attack at the time) to wait downstairs by the door, while she took her sweet time to make the bed and ensure that the corners of the sheets were perfectly tucked. You won't catch me doing that (or for that matter being polite about it), but the more I watch the show the worse it gets for me!

Does anyone else have the neat freak problem, or I have completely turned into a desperate housewife after only 6 months of marriage?