Friday, April 14, 2006

The Real Easter Bunny

I thought this was fitting for the Easter weekend a head of us.

I think this is the real easter bunny. Check out Herman (the rabbit) to the right. His owner Hans Wagner from Germany claims he may be the largest bunny ever. He weighs 7.7 kg and his ears alone are 21 cm long. He eats over 2 kg of food a day (and I thought P ate a lot!).

To read the full article from BBC, click here.

Hope everyone enjoys the Easter holiday. P and I had this big plan to sleep in today, and we were awake at 8:15 - so much for that. However, we have nothing on the agenda today, so we are going to enjoy doing some things around the house, and probably end up being lazy bums for the day. I can't wait!