Monday, April 10, 2006

The award for best driver goes to....

Before I begin today's rant... I would like to annouce that P did use his ladder on Saturday morning to install the new outside lights. He was apparently offended by Friday's post, so on behalf of the editor I would like to say: 'sorry for the misleading post on how often the super dooper ladder is used in our household'!!!

Now...on to today (which I suspect might also require an apology from the editor tomorrow)!

For the next while P and I will be travelling to and from work together. So far, since we moved to Embrun, this has been a rarity, because either P has always drove in earlier with a neighbour, or as of late, has been working mostly from home so he hasn't had to leave the house at the same time as me in the morning.

In the past, there were many mornings when P was working from home that I felt like leaning over with a stick and poking him in the eye, because he was still sleeping while I was dragging my ass out of bed to go to work/school. I hated the thought of him lying there enjoying a bit of extra sleep while I had go battle my way through the Quebec drivers.

Now, P has returned to the office so he and I will getting ready at the same time each morning, and travelling in together each day. When I first heard about this change in our morning routine, I immediately thought 'great more QT (quality time) for us'... but this morning began at 6:10 am when one of us had to take the plunge and get up earlier then we are use to - and of course, it was me, because I take twice as long to get ready in the morning (according to Master P). However... let the record show that although I may take longer to get ready in the upstairs bathroom, P takes just as long in the downtstairs bathroom on the pooper.

At any rate...after standing around waiting on P for 10 minutes, we finally left the house and got on the road to work. I usually enjoy the silence of the ride in, listening to various radio stations...some mornings it can be rather pleasant, but I think those days are long gone, now that P drives the bus!

When you leave our house, there are two routes you can take into the city...some claim one route is faster than the other, but no one knows for sure. The last time P drove to Ottawa we took the other route (my route), and it was fast, but this morning, we took his route, and today it turned out to be faster (because of the sheer fact that he drove like Mario Andretti the whole way!).

The funniest part of the whole trip this morning was the satisfied look on P's face when he realized that his route was 'waaaay faster' - pumping his fist in the air like he just took the checkered flag at the Daytona 500.

I don't usually have a problem with P's driving, generally he is safe and responsible... but then there are the mornings where we hit traffic, and god forbid we just stay in one lane the entire trip...oh no...let's constantly switch lanes, speed up, hit the breaks, cut off other motorists, and then shake our heads when other cars do the same to us.

The stress level in the car always goes up for me when P is driving. Often times he gets so upset with my shreeking and squeeling, claiming that I am the one that is going to cause the accident with my behaviour (hello...I have a right to fear for my life). It's an on going battle between us... and all I can think is that I don't feel this stressed when I drive - although I am sure P has his stressful moments under my chauffering!

It basically comes down to the age-old argument on who are better drivers? Men or Women?

I know what my answer is.....what's yours?