Monday, March 20, 2006

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Québec

Who would have ever thought I would have a post with the title Sweet Québec. Not me, but today I have the feeling of general happiness and appreciation for Québec and Québecers.

Why you ask....? Not because they're good drivers -- no! And not because they're famous for poutine, Joe Louis', and pepsi -- no! The reason (the only reason) is because of curling!!!

Last night was an entertaining evening of the Brier final in our household. I say our household, but really P was only interested in the game until the Soporano's started at 9pm...then I moved upstairs to the bedroom to shout and scream all on my own!

While I was rooting for Gatineau's J.M Ménard all the way, I was surprised to see Québec leading 4-0 after only 2 ends. The game was great...every end was exciting. The 10th end was pretty nerve racking....I was on the edge of my seat (bed) right down to the final J.M. spilled Ontario's stones far enough out of the rings to win the first Brier title for Québec since 1977.

On the last shot when J.M started screaming hard, I started screaming 'Haaaaarrrrrd', louder and louder, clutching the comforter, jumping on my bed... I jumped up so high when he won that I actually bumped my head on our bedroom ceiling. I can just imagine my neighbours peering in my bedroom window -- they were probably thinking 'what a lunatic!' -- but I didn't was a great moment for Québec and for Rideau Curling Club fans!!

J.M's win put me in a good mood today.... but also it's the first day of spring (even though it's -16 without the windchill this morning), and I spent most of the weekend cleaning my house so the place is spotless (as inspector gadget and co. (a.k.a my Mom & Dad) are coming to town next weekend). A Brier title, a new season, and a clean house -- it's great to be me!!!